Escrow Closing SErvices

Escrow Services are provided by a neutral third party that handles the funds and instructions in a given transaction. Escrow agents will secure and review the documents necessary to satisfy the transaction. Upon completion of the transaction, the escrow agent will disperse the funds and record the documents required to transfer title.

For Sale By Owner Transactions

Selling your own home can be a very rewarding experience. It is important that you work with a title company who understands all aspects of a For Sale By Owner transaction to ensure the title is transferred properly and all taxes and fees are paid. We are here to help you with:

  • Public Records search to determine insurability of the real property
  • Title insurance commitment
  • Coordinating the closing of the transaction with the lender & buyer
  • Making sure all title requirements have been met and prepare closing documents.

On settlement day, Union Title will conduct the closing, disburse the funds, record the property deed and mortgage, and issue the title policy.

Construction Disbursements

Construction loans, such as a loan for building or renovating a home, come with many risks. Because of this, most lending institutions work with title companies to make set disbursements at agreed upon points during the construction process to pay for the work as it’s being done.

Title Insurance

Title Insurance is an insurance policy you obtain from a title insurance company at the time you purchase a home or refinance an existing home. When you order title insurance, a comprehensive search will be done on the property and the parties involved in the transaction. This extensive look into the history of the property is to identify any underlying issues or concerns that need to be addressed before the transaction is complete. There are two different types of policies: Owner’s Policy is to ensure the buyer has clear and free title to the property. Lender’s Policy is to provide the lender with first lien position on the property. This is a one-time fee paid upon the completion of your transaction.

Lender Closings

The process of completing a real estate transaction during which the seller delivers the title to the buyer in exchange for payment of the agreed upon purchase price. The closing process includes paying off liens against the property, ordering inspections, doing a complete search of the legal records pertaining to the real estate, and finally consummating the transaction at the settlement or closing date.