In our last post, we discussed winterizing your home. Winter driving in Nebraska can last well into April with cold temperatures and snow that melts and re-freezes. Below is a short list of tips that we’ve compiled for safe driving during winter.

  • Winterize your car– Change oil and filter, check battery, check fluid levels, tire pressure, all exterior lights, check belts and hoses, check wiper blades
  • Keep a small bag or back pack in the trunk of your vehicle, containing a first aid kit, jumper cables, flashlight and extra batteries, handi-wipes, ice scraper, small shovel, pen and paper, small roll of duct tape, blankets, warm cap, gloves/mittens, bottled water, snack items, deck of cards (entertainment purposes)
  • Keep your gas tank at least 1/2 full to minimize condensation, and provide an extra margin of comfort and safety just in case of delays.
  • Stay Alert! Stay off of cell phone while driving, clear all snow and ice from windshield and all windows, drive at a safe and legal speed and never drive while tired or under the influence.
  • Buckle Up!